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“Information, education needed on Elder Law” by Don Purich
Publication Information: Western Producer

This article identifies many of the issues and concerns that the BCLI and the CCEL were engaged with at the time of publication.

Assisted living, private care agreements, health care directives, viatical settlements, reverse mortgages, powers of attorney, mental capacity


“Life, Death, taxes, profit” by Tim Cesntnick (Report on Business: Globe Investor Column (Tax Matters) ¬© Tim Cestnick
Publication Information: Globe and Mail – January 12, 2008 – B8


This article explains what viatical settlements are and discusses BCLI Report no. 43 / CCEL Report no. 3 on the same topic.

viatical settlement, life settlement, insurance, insurance policy, seniors, older adults, consumer, consumer protection, health, AIDS and catastrophic disease, life expectancy, will, estates√ā¬†&√ā¬†√ā¬†life planning


“Aging with Challenges” by Laura Watts
Publication Information: Vancouver Sun – September 28, 2005 – Seniors Living Special Information Report – E1

This article discusses some of the important issues arising in the Aging with Challenges project undertaken by the CCEL.√ā¬†

Aging with Challenges, down syndrome, alzheimer’s disease, gays, lesbians, trans & bisexuals, intellectual challenges, housing



√ā¬†“Understanding private care agreements” by Laura Watts
Publication Information: Vancouver Sun – September 28, 2005 – Seniors Living Special Information Report – E4


Many people get into care arrangements with family members without properly discussing the terms. This article details some potential pitfalls in light of the BCLI Report no. 32 / CCEL Report no. 1, which examines the same.

private care √ā¬†agreements, loans, financial arrangements, older adults, seniors, guarantees, abuse & family violence, debt, contracts, unconscionaility, fiduciary duties, non est factum, undue influence, suretyship and guaranty, consumer, consumer protection, education, Legal Issues Affecting Seniors Committee


“Some retirement savings put at risk” by Frits Verhoeven (then president of the CBA BC)
Publication Information: Vancouver Sun – April 24, 2007 – A15

This article from 2007 discusses how private retirement savings should be protected from creditors, referencing BCLI’s report on that subject. The rule has since been changed.

retirement savings, RRSP, wills, estates & life planning


“Discovery: Construction Zone” by Judy Van Rhijn ¬© Canadian Lawyer
Publication Information: Canadian Lawyer – 28:6 June 2004 – page 52

This article discusses changes to Ontario’s construction legislation and the law relating to builders liens in British Columbia. It highlights BCLI Report no. 22 and 29, which both examine builders liens.

builders liens, legislation, Builders Liens Act, construction law, liens, Shimco case, holdback, lien against the holdback

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