• Report: First strata termination approved without a unanimous vote goes to supreme court for confirmation

    20 January 2017—Business in Vancouver has published a story on British Columbia’s first strata corporation to use the new termination procedure. The strata corporation has now reached the stage of confirmation of the resolution to terminate by the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Bill 40 amended part 16 of the Strata Property Act, permitting the cancellation of a […]   Read More

  • Finding on whether strata plan contained errors in designating limited common property necessary to determine outcome of strata-property parking dispute

    19 January 2017—In Chow v The Owners, Strata Plan NW 3243, 2017 BCCA 28, the BC Court of Appeal set aside a supreme-court decision and returned a petition to that court for a new hearing. The case involved consideration of whether failure to amend a strata plan under section 257 of the Strata Property Act […]   Read More

  • Consultation on complex stratas has closed

    16 January 2017—The public consultation for the Strata Property Law (Phase Two) Project’s Consultation Paper on Complex Stratas (PDF) has now closed. BCLI and the Strata Property Law (Phase Two) Project Committee both thank everyone who contributed their views on proposed reforms to the Strata Property Act and the Strata Property Regulation concerning sections, types, and […]   Read More

  • BC Supreme Court approves strata corporation’s remediation resolution

    9 January 2017—Section 173 (2) of the Strata Property Act allows a strata corporation to apply to the supreme court for an order relating to “a special levy to raise money for the maintenance or repair of common property or common assets.” There are a couple of conditions that have to be met before the order […]   Read More

  • Last week to give your response to the consultation on complex stratas

    8 January 2017—The consultation on complex stratas closes on 15 January 2017. This is the last week for you to give BCLI’s Strata Property Law (Phase Two) Project Committee your thoughts on reform of the law governing sections, types, and phases. For more information on the consultation, including links to our online surveys for the […]   Read More

  • BCLI turns 20 today!

    by Kathleen Cunningham, Executive Director, British Columbia Law Institute | Canadian Centre for Elder Law 6 January 2017–20 years ago today the British Columbia Law Institute was incorporated under the BC Society Act. In 2017 we plan to celebrate our many achievements and successes. We will be hosting two events to thank our many past and […]   Read More

  • Greater Rural Broadband Access Can Mean Greater Access to Justice

    23 December 2016 – Greater access to justice may be an indirect consequence of the CRTC decision on 21 December 2016 requiring internet providers to dedicate resources to expanding and enhancing high-speed internet service in rural and remote areas of Canada.  As BCLI’s study paper Technology-Assisted and Remote Evidence Presentation: A Practice Resource points out, […]   Read More

  • Ontario court holds that condominium validly prohibited short-term rentals

    23 December 2016—Short-term rentals, which are often enabled by online services, have become an increasing concern for strata corporations. A recent court decision from Ontario illustrates the conflicts that may arise when owners engage in short-term rentals and the tools that strata corporations may have to deal with the issue. Ottawa-Carleton Standard Condominium Corporation No. […]   Read More

  • New regulations address Societies Act and student-society fees

    22 December 2016—The BC government has announced the adoption of two new regulations, designed to address the impact of the Societies Act on fees collected from members of a student society. The announcement describes the purpose of the new regulations as follows: New regulations ensure that student society fees can continue to be collected from all students at […]   Read More

  • Strata corporation ordered to reimburse owner for cost of replacing windows and patio door

    22 December 2016—In a case heard on appeal from small claims court, the BC Supreme Court has upheld an order that “the Strata Corporation to pay the respondent $3,950, together with court filing and service fees and court-ordered interest,” to compensate a strata-lot owner for costs he incurred in “replacing four windows and the patio door […]   Read More

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