• Law Commission for England and Wales publishes Interim Statement on Mental Capacity and Deprivation of Liberty

    25 May 2016—Since 2014, the Law Commission for England and Wales has been carrying out a project on mental capacity and deprivation of liberty. The project is examining a specific piece of delegated legislation, called the deprivation of liberty safeguards (found in schedule A1 and schedule 1A to the Mental Capacity Act 2005), which “aim to protect people who […]   Read More

  • BCLI Announces Re-Appointment of Thomas Spraggs to Board of Directors

    24 May 2016—The British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Justice has re-appointed Thomas Spraggs to our Board of Directors. Mr Spraggs is the owner and operator of Spraggs and Company Law Corporation, which specializes in personally injury law. He has served on the Board for the past four […]   Read More

  • Civil Resolution Tribunal planning early intake for strata-property disputes

    16 May 2016—BCLI is engaged in a project to reform aspects of strata-property law. But it isn’t the only organization in British Columbia that is working on reforms in this area. Another significant initiative involves the resolution of strata-property disputes. On this front, the planned Civil Resolution Tribunal is taking steps toward launching its online dispute-resolution […]   Read More

  • New South Wales: Two new draft strata-property regulations released for public comment

    12 May 2016—New South Wales is planning to implement sweeping reforms to its strata-property laws in 2016. A major step in the implementation process was recently reached with the publication of two draft regulations: a draft Strata Schemes Development Regulation 2016 (PDF) and a draft Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 (PDF). Draft Strata Schemes Development Regulation 2016 […]   Read More

  • New Societies Transitional Interim Regulation

    10 May 2016—Late last month, the Executive Council for British Columbia promulgated a new Societies Transitional Interim Regulation (PDF). This short regulation deals with three transitional matters for societies: it clarifies that a special resolution may include a special resolution as defined in section 1 of the old Society Act—this is significant in light of the […]   Read More

  • Manitoba Law Reform Commission publishes issue paper on land titles and trusts

    6 May 2016—The Manitoba Law Reform Commission is studying the effect that certain kinds of trusts have on the operation of Manitoba’s land-title system. In its just-published Issue Paper on Indefeasibility of Title and Resulting and Constructive Trusts (PDF) the commission is taking on the following topics: the paper explores the issue of whether the fact […]   Read More

  • Peter Wall Institute hosting free public lectures in May

    3 May 2016—The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies is hosting two lectures in May by distinguished visiting professor Dr. Alain Supiot, of the University of Poitiers and Nantes, France. On Thursday, 12 May 2016, Dr. Supiot will be giving a lecture entitled “Law’s Subordination to Numbers: From the Gosplan to the Total Market,” which is […]   Read More

  • New rules on terminating a strata planned for Western Australia

    2 May 2016—Late last year, British Columbia adopted legislation redefining its legal framework for terminating a strata under part 16 of the Strata Property Act, based on recommendations found in BCLI’s Report on Terminating a Strata (PDF). While this legislation isn’t yet in force, its passage allowed British Columbia to join the company of New South Wales, […]   Read More

  • Strata corporation’s counterclaim against owner-developer barred by Limitation Act

    27 April 2016—In Zaidi v The Owners, Strata Plan LMS 3464, 2016 BCSC 731, a recent decision on an application to dismiss a counterclaim and third-party notice, the BC Supreme Court considered the effect of a disclosure statement under the Real Estate Development Marketing Act in relation to the discoverability rules for limitation periods. The application turned on […]   Read More

  • BC Human Rights Tribunal refuses to dismiss smoker’s discrimination complaint against strata corporation

    26 April 2016—In a decision made earlier this month, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has refused to dismiss a complaint against a strata corporation that its blanket ban on smoking amounted to discrimination on the basis of a mental disability contrary to section 8 of the Human Rights Code. Background to the complaint and application […]   Read More

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