• Undue Influence and Financial Abuse

    9 October 2020 Introduction October 4-10, 2020 is Make-a-Will Week to encourage people to make or update their will. When people are making or changing a will there is the possibility for abuse or undue influence. Professionals drafting wills must be aware of the signs of undue influence and what steps can be taken if a wills practitioner […]   Read More

  • Discovering the Travelling Wills Clinic

    5 October 2020 As this is Make a Will Week, I was asked to let you know about an exciting possible initiative for delivering personal planning documents such as wills to low income adults living outside the lower mainland, the “Travelling Wills Clinic.” The Travelling Wills Clinic would serve those in remote, isolated, and underserved areas of BC […]   Read More

  • BC Issues Recommendations on Updating Health Profession Regulation

    23 September 2020 Introduction The BC provincial government is considering changes to health professional regulation. On August 27, 2020 the Steering Committee on Modernization of Health Professional Regulation [Steering Committee] released their Recommendations to modernize the provincial health regulatory framework [Recommendations]. This blog will list the range of recommended changes and discuss parts of the recommendations aimed at […]   Read More

  • Changes to BC’s COVID-19 Long-Term Care Visitor Policy

    28 August 2020 Introduction On June 30, 2020 the BC government announced that the visitor policy for long-term care and assisted living would be changing. In the new policy residents can have one designated visitor for social visits. Prior to this policy change, only essential visitors were allowed in long-term care and assisted living (discussed below). This new […]   Read More

  • Long-Term Care reform in Canada – Resource Round-up

    12 June 2020 Introduction The hardest hit population from COVID-19 has been older adults living in long-term care. This has led to great media attention on long-term care. Issues receiving media attention include the low staffing levels, poor compensation for health care workers, and issues monitoring quality of care. However, these issues are not occurring only because of […]   Read More

  • The Accessible Canada Act

    1 June 2020 Accessibility Legislation In Canada, the federal government enacted the Accessible Canada Act (ACA) which came into force on July 11, 2019. The ACA, applying to everything under federal jurisdiction, is intended to remove barriers experienced by people with disabilities. The ultimate goal is to create a barrier-free country by 2040. The ACA sets out: How […]   Read More

  • Update on CCEL’s Inclusive Investing Project

    26 May 2020 Consultation Wrap-up The Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL) completed its consultation interviews for the Inclusive Investing project in October 2019. During the one-year consultation period, Project Manager and BCLI/CCEL Staff Lawyer, Valerie Le Blanc, interviewed over 90 key informants and stakeholders on the use of supported decision-making, in the investment context. Key informants included […]   Read More

  • Health Care Consent with Physical Distancing: Understanding Decision-Making Rights in Canada

    11 May 2020 Most of us consult with people we trust in order to make the best decisions we can for ourselves. We talk about our concerns with family and close friends. We seek additional expert opinions. However, for many people with disabilities, the support of trusted allies is not just helpful—it may be integral to exercising legally protected health care decision-making rights.   Read More

  • BC Accessibility Legislation Consultation Report Released

    7 May 2020 A quarter of the population in BC is living with a disability. The BC government has released the British Columbia Framework for Accessibility Legislation report (BC Framework) to outline their proposed approach to accessibility legislation. This blog posts highlights some of the public feedback from the preliminary consultation and examines the framework.   Read More

  • Seniors Advocate Report on Funding of Contracted Long-Term Care

    21 April 2020 Introduction On February 4, 2020 the Office of the Seniors Advocate (OSA) released the report A Billion Reasons to Care: A Funding Review of Contracted Long-Term Care in B.C. This report examines the funding of contracted long-term care providers, both for-profit and non-profit. The OSA was concerned that the current funding model would create incentives […]   Read More

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