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  • Capacity to Marry

    16 October 2017 Introduction In order to carry out legal actions, a person must have the requisite capacity to do so. Different legal actions may require a person to meet a specific threshold of capacity. For example, there are different thresholds associated with entering into a contract, making a will, and retaining legal counsel. These legal thresholds are […]   Read More

  • BCLI Project Committee Chair Interviewed on CBC Radio

    13 October 2017 Tom Beasley, Chair of the BCLI Employment Standards Act Reform Project Committee, was interviewed on CBC Radio One on 13 October 2017.  You can listen to the interview with Rick Cluff of The Early Edition here.(The segment starts at 2:11:32) Coming up next: Tom Beasley, Chair of the BCLI Employment Standards Act Reform Project Committee, […]   Read More

  • Mental Capacity, Consent, and Guardianship in BC and Canada: Get your Legal Update at the 2017 Canadian Elder Law Conference

    2 October 2017 Does your practice deal with mental capacity, consent or guardianship? If so, this year’s elder law conference is shaping up to be the event of the season for getting your update on the law. For some of you, consent and capacity are intrinsic to the bulk of your work. If you prepare powers of attorney, […]   Read More

  • Protecting Older Investors: A Joint Project of FAIR Canada and the CCEL

    2 June 2017 Canada is in the midst of a huge demographic shift. By 2024, people aged 65 and over will account for 20 percent of the country’s population. This has significant policy implications, from infrastructure needs to health care and community services. People don’t often think about the investment industry as being impacted, but the reality is […]   Read More

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