Civil Resolution Tribunal: Solution explorer for strata-property disputes available for beta testing

23 June 2016

By Kevin Zakreski

In another step in the development of British Columbia’s online tribunal for strata-property disputes, the Civil Resolution Tribunal announced last week that its solution explorer is online for beta testing.

The solution explorer contains free legal information and resources to help members of the general public manage or resolve disputes. Its main functions are:

  • Problem Diagnosis: identifying the specific type of problem or dispute;
  • Information: delivering specific information about this problem or dispute;
  • Self-Help: providing action-oriented steps to empower a user to begin to manage or resolve the dispute;
  • Streaming and Triage: setting out recommended options about what should happen next if the problem or dispute isn’t resolved.

These functions are “designed to provide a range of help and support that will empower people to either resolve disputes or at least to begin managing them, as soon as possible.” The information contained in the solution explorer relies on contributions from subject-matter experts.

Existing material in the solution explorer set out “legal information and self-help tools for strata owners, occupants and tenants.” For this beta test, the CRT added

free legal information and resources for strata councils to the Solution Explorer. This brand new content addresses issues with bylaws, money, disputes between owners and more—all from the perspective of a strata council.

Interested members of the public may access the solution explorer during the beta test from a webpage on the CRT website. This beta test runs to 3 July 2016.

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