Civil Resolution Tribunal to begin early intake of strata claims in mid-July

8 July 2016

By Kevin Zakreski

British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal has just announced that it will start accepting strata-property claims for early intake on 13 July 2016.

Early intake will give people involved in strata-property disputes and the tribunal “a chance to test our process to make sure it works as well as possible for the public once we’re fully open. It will also allow us to provide a little help for people with ongoing strata disputes who are eager to take their first steps toward a resolution.”

The CRT describes, in a nutshell, the early-intake process as follows:

  • You’ll start with the Solution Explorer, to learn more about your dispute and how to resolve it without needing to start a CRT claim.
  • If you can’t resolve your dispute using the support from the Solution Explorer, you’ll have the option to start a CRT claim from the Dispute Summary screen in the Solution Explorer.
  • You’ll use our Application Checklist to make sure you have all the information you need to complete your online Application for Dispute Resolution.
  • You’ll complete and file your Application for Dispute Resolution online. Paper forms are not available for the early intake process, but you are welcome to have a trusted friend or family member help you fill in the online form.
  • You’ll have to pay the application fee, or apply for a fee waiver if you have low income. You can pay the fee or apply for a fee waiver online as part of the application process. Here’s more about the CRT’s fees.
  • We’ll provide you with a Dispute Notice to give the other parties in the dispute. We’ll let you know how to do that, as well as next steps.

To support the early-intake process, portions of the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act will also come into force on 13 July 2016 (PDF).

There are advantages and disadvantages to using early intake. If you are in a strata-property dispute, you should keep an eye on the CRT website and consider your options carefully

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