Advisory committee formed for Law Reform Material On-Line Project

4 December 2008

By Alison Taylor

Jim Emmerton, Executive Director of the British Columbia Law Institute, is pleased to announce that an advisory committee has been formed for the BCLI's Law Reform Material On-Line Project. The members of the advisory committee are:

Jim Emmerton-Chair
(Executive Director, BCLI) 
Ana Rosa Blue
(Assistant Librarian, WorkSafe BC)
Chris Gow
(Student-at-Law, Faculty of Law,
University of Victoria)
Anna Holeton
(Research Grants Facilitator, Faculty of
Law, University of British Columbia)
Lisa Nevens
(Student-at-Law, Faculty of Law,
University of British Columbia)
Lisa Peters
(Partner, Lawson Lundell LLP)
Kim Thorau
(Principal, Perrin, Thorau & Associates)
Desy Wahyuni
(Website Projects Specialist,
Courthouse Libraries BC)

Kevin Zakreski (Staff Lawyer, BCLI) is the project manager. Elizabeth Pinsent (Office Manager, BCLI) is the technical manager.

The goal of the project is to make substantially all of the BCLI's extensive print collection and out of date electronic materials web-accessible and easily searchable. The advisory committee will assist the BCLI in meeting that goal by giving us the opportunity to engage in an extended, in-depth consultation with key users of the BCLI's materials and website and to develop innovative ideas for presenting those materials to the public.

The Law Reform Material On-Line Project has been made possible by a grant from the Law Foundation of British Columbia. The project is scheduled to run until 31 October 2010.

For a complete list of all BCLI project committees and advisory committees, click here.

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