Arthur L. Close, Q.C.

Arthur Close brings expertise in law reform, inter-jurisdictional issues and plain language.

Arthur Close, QC is a retired lawyer and expert in law reform. Mr. Close was the 1969 UBC Law Gold Medalist and is the recipient of the President’s Medal of the Canadian Bar Association Mr. Close served as Counsel, Commissioner, Vice-Chair and finally Chair of the Law Reform Commission of BC between 1972-1997, during which time he authored a number of reports that were implemented through legislation. After the Law Reform Commission ceased operations, Arthur, along with other members of the legal community, founded the British Columbia Law Institute (BCLI) where he subsequently became Executive Director.

In 2003 Arthur spearheaded the creation of the Canadian Center for Elder Law, which is the only body in Canada devoted exclusively to legal research and law reform in the area of elder law. His commitment to law reform is evident in his more than 50 published works. He has also held leadership positions with the Uniform Law Conference of Canada, the Federation of Law Reform Agencies of Canada and the BC Plain Language Institute.

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