BCLI Announces Changes on the Board of Directors

5 October 2020

By Karen Campbell

On September 9th, the British Columbia Law Institute held its Annual General Meeting and is pleased to announce the Executive Committee for 2020-2021:

  • Emily L. Clough, Chair
  • Mathew P. Good, Vice Chair
  • Margaret H. Mason, Q.C., Treasurer
  • James S. Deitch, Secretary
  • Elizabeth Adjin-Tettey, member
  • Karen Campbell, Executive Director, Ex Officio

BCLI is pleased to welcome 5 new members to the Board:

  • Marian K. Brown, member at large
  • Dr. Ryan Gauthier, appointee of the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Thompson Rivers University
  • Miriam Kresivo, Q.C., member at large
  • Edward L. Wilson, member at large
  • Prof. Margot Young, appointee of the Dean of the Peter A. Allard School of Law, University of British Columbia

BCLI expresses its sincere gratitude to the directors whose terms have come to an end for their many contributions on board and project committees over the years:  

  • the Hon. Marion J. Allan: Nominating Committee; Program Committee; Study Paper on Financing Litigation Review committee; Employment Standards Act Reform Project Committee; Older Women’s Dialogue Project Advisory Committee
  • Oliver A. Fleck: Executive Committee; Audit Finance and Risk Committee; Governance Committee
  • Michelle Le Baron: Program Committee
  • Lisa A. Peters, Q.C.: Executive Committee; Program Committee; Governance Committee; Health Care Consent, Aging, and Dementia: Mapping Law and Practice in BC Project Advisory Committee; Unfair Contracts Relief Project Committee; Law Reform Material On-Line Advisory Committee.
  • Thomas L. Spraggs: Executive Committee; Audit Finance and Risk Committee; Governance Committee; Technology, Remoteness, Disability, and Evidence Advisory Committee

BCLI also wishes to thank Emeritus Member Peter Ramsay, Q.C., whose term ends this year, and who has been an invaluable adviser over the years, not to mention a former Board Chair and contributor to many committees including the Project Committee on Testamentary Undue Influence: Recommended Practices for Wills Practitioners; the Probate Rules Reform Project Committee; and the Succession Law Reform Project Committee.

Many thanks and well-wishes to former Chair, Lisa A. Peters, Q.C., and outgoing Chair, Thomas L. Spraggs, who both provided leadership, vision, and endless energy to support BCLI’s work over the years.

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