The B.C. Law Reform Commission (1969-1997)

The Law Reform Commission (LRC) was created in 1969 by an act of the Provincial Legislature and began its operations in 1970 and continued until the end of March 1997.

Over its 27 years of its existence the Commission submitted more than 140 reports on a wide variety of topics, much of which led to legislation. Many of these reports may be browsed, downloaded or ordered through this website. The Commission also embarked on several ambitious internet-based projects; a law reform database, indexing its collection of law reform materials from around the commonwealth world, a Limitation Act database, a guide to cases citing the BC Limitation Act, and a guide to Pension Division on Marriage Breakup. The BC Law Institute is committed to preserving and maintaining these resources.

Twenty Years of Law Reform, by Arthur Close, Q.C.

Twenty Years of Law Reform is the title of an article written in 1989 and first published in the Advocate. The article describes the Commission’s approach to its statutory mandate and analyses its work and impact up to 1990.

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