Law Reform Commission of B.C. – Publications


Final Reports


144. Report on Conflicts of Interest: Directors and Societies (project page)
143. Report on Land-Related Interests and the Personal Property Security Act (project page)


140. Report on Recreational Injuries: Liability and Waivers in Commercial Leisure Activities (project page)
139. Report on Pecuniary Loss and the Family Compensation Act (project page)
138. Report on the Tugboat Worker Lien Act (project page)
137. Report on the Woodworker Lien Act (project page)
134. Minor Report on Taxation and the Assessment of Income-Related Damage Awards (project page)
133. Report on Standardized Assumptions for Calculating Income Tax Gross-up and Management Fees in Assessing Damage (project page)


131. Report on Apportionment of Casts and Contributory Negligence: Section 3 of the Negligence Act (project page)
130. Fixtures and the personal Property Security Act (project page)
129. Informal Public Appeal Funds (project page)


128. Report on Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts (project page)
127 Report on Wrongful Interference with Goods (project page)
126. Supreme Court Rule 54: Reciprocally Enforceable Judgment (Minor Report) (project page)
125. Insurance Act, Section 26(1) (Minor Report) (project page)
123. Division of Pensions on Marriage Breakdown (project page)
122. The Uniform Enforcement of Canadian Judgements Act (project page)


121. Foreign Money Claims Act: Regulation (MInor Report) (project page)
120. Apartment Corporations: (Minor Report) (project page)
118. Report on Mortgages: Judicial Sales and Deficiency Claims (project page)
117. Interim report on Enforcing Judgements from Outside the Province (project page)

116. Report on Execution Against Securities (project page)


115. Report on Affidavits: Alternatives to Oaths (project page)
114. Minor Report on priority of Builders Liens Under Bill 52 (project page)
112. Report on The Ultimate Limitation Period: Limitation Act, Section 8 (project page)
111. Report on Property Rights on Marriage Breakdown (project page)
110. Report on The Enduring Power of Attorney: Fine-thing the Concept (project page)
109. Report on Notice Requirements in Proceedings Against Municipal Bodies (project page)


108. Report on The Commercial Tenancy Act (project page)
107. Report on Loss Appraisal Under the Insurance Act (project page)
103. Report on Floating Charge on Land (project page)
102. Report on Wills and Changed Circumstances (project page)


101. Response to Access to Justice: The Report of the Justice Reform Committee, 1988 (project page)
100. Report on Co-Ownership (project page)
99. Report on The Land (Settled Estate)Act (project page)
98. Practice in Relation to the Cancellation of a Certificate of Lis Pendens (project page)
97. Report on Set-Off (project page)
96. Report on Deeds and Seals (project page)
94. Report on Fraudulent Conveyances and Preferences (project page)


93. Report on the Buyers Lien: A New consumer Remedy (project page)
91. Report on Obsolete Remedies Against Estate Property: Administration Act, Part 9 (project page)


89. Report on the Action Per Quod Servitium Amisit (project page)
87. Report on Shared Liability (project page)
86. Report on Spousal Agreements (project page)
85. Report on Mortgages of Land: The priority of Further Advances (project page)


84. Personal Liability Under a Mortgage or Agreement for Sale (project page)
83. Defamation (project page)
82. The Domicile of a Minor (project page)
81. Report on Performance Under Protest (project page)
79. A short From General Power of Attorney (project page)
78. Report on the Authority of a Guardian (project page)


77. Report on Settlement Offers (project page)
76. Report on Compensation for Non-pecuniary Loss (project page)
75. Report on Review of Civil Jury Awards (project page)
74. Report on Covenants in Restraint of Trade (project page )
72. The Jurisdiction of Local Judges: Stays of Execution and Instalment (project page)
71. Minor Report on Land (Wife Protection) Act (project page)


70. Report on Statutory Succession Rights (project page)
69. Report on Illegal Transactions (project page)
68. Report on Intentional Interference with Domestic Relations (project page)
67. Report on Bulk Sales Legislation (project page)
66. Report on Competing Rights to Mingled Property: tracing and the Rule in Claytons case (project page)
65. Report on Foreign Money Liabilities (project page)
64. Report on Breach of Promise of Marriage (project page)
63. Report on Peremptory Challenges in Civil Jury Trails (project page)
62. Interspousal Immunity Tort (project page)
61. Standing of a Common Law Spouse to Apply Under the Family Compensation Act (project page)


59. Interest and Jurisdictional Limits in the Country and Provincial Courts (project page)
58. Report on Interpretation of Wills (project page)
57. Report on the crown as Creditor: Priorities and Privileges (project page)
56. Report on Presumption of Survivorship (project page)
55. Arbitration (project page)


53. Report on Distress for Rent (project page)
52. Report on the Making and Revocation of Wills (project page)
51. Report on Benefits Conferred Under a Mistake of Law (project page)
50. Report on Cable Television and Defamation (project page)


49a. Minor Report on Discount Rates (project page)
48. Report on The Recovery of Unauthorized Disbursements of Public Funds (project page)
47. Report on The Calculation of Interest on Foreclosure (project page)
46. Report on Civil Litigation in the Public Interest (project page)


44. Report on Parol Evidence Rule (project page)
43. Report on Guarantees of Consumer Debts (project page)
42. Report on Creditors Relief Legislation: A New Approach (project page)


40. Report on Execution Against Land (project page)
39. Report on attachment of Debts Act (project page)
38. Report on the Replevin Act (project page)


37. Report on The Absconding Debtors Act and Bail Act: Two Obsolete Acts (project page)
35. Report on Offences Against the Person Act, 1828, Section 28 (project page)
34. Tort Liability of Public Bodies (project page)
33. Report on The Statute of Frauds (project page)
32. Report on Proof of Marriage in Civil Proceedings (project page)
31. Report on Waiver of Conditions Precedence in Contracts (project page)
30. Report on The Rule in Hollington v. Hewthorn (project page)


28. Report on The Rule in Bain v. Fothergill (project page)
27. Report on Extra-Judicial Use of Sworn Statements (project page)
26. Report on Minors’ Contracts (project page)


24. Report on Security Interests in Real Property: Remedies on Default (project page)
23. Personal Property Security (project page)
22. Powers of Attorney and Mental Incapacity (project page)
21. The Termination of Agencies (project page)
20. Costs of Successful Unassisted Lay Litigants (project page)


18. A Procedure for Judicial Review of the Actions of Statutory Bodies (project page)
17. Procedure Before Statutory Bodies (project page)
16. Costs of Accused on Acquittal (project page)
15. Report on Limitations – Part 2 General (project page)


13. Landlord and Tenant – Residential Tenancies (project page)
12. Pre-Judgment Interest (project page)
11. Interim Report on Evidence (project page)


9. Legal Position of the Crown (project page)
8. Deficiency Claims and Repossessions (project page)
7. Mechanics’ Lien Act (project page)


5. Expropriation (project page)
4. Debt Collection and Collection Agents (project page)
3. Report on the Need for Frustrated Contracts Legislation in British Columbia (project page)


1. Limitations – Abolition of Prescription (project page)


Consultative Documents


73. The Legal Consequences of a Temporary Land Title Office Shutdown (project page)


72. Land-Related Interests and the Personal Property Security Act (project page)


71. Conflicts of Interest: Directors and Societies (project page)


68. Liens for Logging Work (project page)
69. Pecuniary Loss and the family Compensation Act (project page)
67. Wrongful Interference With Goods (project page)


66. Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts (project page)


62. The Enduring Power of Attorney: Fine-Tuning the Concept (project page)


54. Set-Off (project page)