Current Consultations

  • Consultation Paper on Common Property, Land Titles, and Fundamental Changes for Stratas

    7 December 2018 You can find the Response Booklet here or complete our online survey.   You can find the Backgrounder here. You can find the Summary Consultation here. You can also complete the Summary Consultation via our online survey.     Read More

  • Inclusive Investing Consultation Poster

    17 October 2018    Read More

  • Consultation Paper on Insurance Issues for Stratas

    14 September 2018 We are interested in your response to this consultation paper. It would be helpful if your response directly addressed the tentative recommendations set out in this consultation paper, but it is not necessary. General comments on insurance issues for stratas are also welcome. The best way to submit a response is to use a response […]   Read More

  • Older Women’s Dialogue Project

    8 September 2013 Law and social policy reform often moves forward in a way that ignores gender. This is true of the experiences of older women, which remain remarkably invisible from aging policy analysis. This project is a collaboration with West Coast LEAF. The Older Women’s Dialogue Project explores: What are the pressing law and social policy issues […]   Read More

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