• Notice and best interests of the child considered at November 2021 Parentage Law Reform Project Committee Meeting

    1 December 2021 At the latest monthly meeting of BCLI’s committee considering reforms to part 3 of the Family Law Act the committee considered two issues concerning section 31 of the act, which sets out the framework for court orders declaring parentage. The first issue concerns notice of applications to court under the section. Section 31 already has a provision that […]   Read More

  • Manitoba introduces new parentage legislation

    26 November 2021 A bill has just been introduced in the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba which will “replace” the province’s current parentage legislation and “establish new rules respecting the parentage of children conceived through assisted reproduction, including where a surrogate is used.” The provisions of the Manitoba bill most closely resemble those found in Saskatchewan’s parentage legislation, which was enacted in 2020 […]   Read More

  • BCLI Congratulates newly elected and re-elected Law Society of BC Benchers

    18 November 2021 The BCLI wishes to congratulate all the newly elected and re-elected benchers for the Law Society of BC.  We are particularly pleased to see a few familiar faces who have been a part of or played a key role in the BCLI over the past years and would like to give them special acknowledgement: Tom […]   Read More

  • Societies Act amendments receive royal assent

    5 November 2021 On 28 October 2021, Bill 19, the Societies Amendment Act, 2021, received royal assent. “The purpose of the proposed amendments,” notes a ministry of finance news release, “is to address various issues that have come to light since the act came into force”: The new act provides societies with a responsive legislative framework, giving them […]   Read More

  • Parentage Law Reform Project Committee completes review of court orders declaring parentage at October 2021 meeting

    29 October 2021 At this month’s meeting of BCLI’s parentage committee, the committee completed its review of section 31 of the Family Law Act. This section deals with the powers of the BC Supreme Court to make an order declaring that a person is or is not a child’s parent. In its review, the committee considered several improvements to […]   Read More

  • BCLI Remembers Leanne Rebantad

    28 October 2021 The British Columbia Law Institute is saddened to learn that our Board Member, Leanne Rebantad, appointed by the Society of Notaries Public of BC, has recently passed away. BCLI is grateful for Leanne’s commitment and dedication to our work as a board member over the past two years; her contributions will be missed. Leanne was […]   Read More

  • B.C. Government implements BCLI recommendations on child employment

    20 October 2021 Young people working in British Columbia will benefit from recent changes in employment standards meant to bring the province in line with international standards for children’s work. On 15 October 2021, the B.C. government implemented revisions to B.C. employment standards in line with recommendations contained in the BCLI’s 2018 Report on the Employment Standards Act. […]   Read More

  • Reflecting All Families – discussing the gaps and needs to transform and review legal parentage on CBA BC’s Bartalk

    5 October 2021 “Family law and fertility law will need to be proactive to meet the future challenges of assisted human reproduction and to legally recognize the intention of people wanting more autonomy over their relationship and family making options.” – Zara Suleman.    Zara Suleman, who serves as the chair of BCLI’s Review of Parentage under Part 3 […]   Read More

  • Orders declaring parentage and role of best interests of the child taken up at September parentage committee meetings

    29 September 2021 BCLI’s Parentage Law Reform Project Committee held two meetings in September. Both meetings continued the committee’s focus on section 31 of the Family Law Act, which gives the court authority to make orders declaring parentage. While such orders aren’t required in British Columbia (in contrast to other provinces, which often have legislation requiring them in specific circumstances, […]   Read More

  • Parentage project committee continues its review of court declarations of parentage

    31 August 2021 At this month’s meeting of BCLI’s Parentage Law Reform Project Committee the committee continued its review of section 31 of the Family Law Act, which deals with the court’s powers to make an order declaring parentage. Since section 31 came into force, it has been the focus of many court decisions under part 3. There are […]   Read More