• BCLI Study Paper Serves as Platform for Attorney General’s Consultation on Civil Juries

    19 August 2021 As part of its public consultation on the future of civil juries in British Columbia, the Ministry of Attorney General has drawn on a study paper written by  BCLI titled Civil Juries in British Columbia: Anachronism or Cornerstone of the Civil Justice Process to inform the discussion.   Following a request from the Ministry, BCLI conducted comparative legal […]   Read More

  • Parentage project committee considers court declarations of parentage

    29 July 2021 BCLI’s Parentage Law Reform Project Committee has been meeting monthly over the course of this year. At its most recent meeting—held in July 2021—it completed its overview of the legal, medical, and social dimensions of parentage, by examining processes for surrogacy, donors, and multi-parent families. In the meeting, the committee also began its detailed consideration of […]   Read More

  • A closer look at the Report on Modernizing the Child, Family and Community Service Act: Disclosure

    28 July 2021 This post is part of a series highlighting recommendations in the Report on Modernizing the Child, Family and Community Service Act. For other posts in the series click here. Should section 64 of the Child, Family and Community Service Act be amended to conform with case-law stipulations on what a director should disclose? Brief description […]   Read More

  • BCLI Remembers Arthur Close, QC

    27 July 2021   Arthur L. Close, QC  1941-2021 BCLI greatly regrets the passing in late June 2021 of Arthur L. Close, QC, a founding member of BCLI and its first Executive Director.  For almost 50 years, he was prominently associated with law reform in British Columbia and nationally.    Originally from Edmonton, Mr. Close obtained a degree […]   Read More

  • BCLI recommendations on child employment to be implemented in October 2021

    23 July 2021 Forthcoming changes to employment standards for children and young workers announced in a news release on 21 July 2021 by the Ministry of Labour will implement recommendations contained in BCLI’s 2018 Report on the Employment Standards Act.  BCLI’s report pointed out that the statutory rules in effect in BC for employment of children deviate from […]   Read More

  • Consultation Paper on Restrictive Covenants

    11 July 2011 A covenant running with land is an obligation owed by one landowner to another that is enforceable between successors in title or interest of the original parties.  While originating as a contractual obligation, a covenant running with land derives many of its characteristics from property law.  A familiar and frequently encountered type of covenant running […]   Read More

  • Consultation Paper on the Partition of Property Act

    28 June 2011 When one or more co-owners of land want to sell or divide the land and the other co-owners oppose it, the stalemate may be broken by recourse to the remedies of partition of the land proportionally in accordance with the size of the co-owners’ interests, or sale of the land in lieu of partition. In […]   Read More

  • Consultation Paper on Joint Tenancy

    28 June 2011  Two forms of co-ownership of land exist today:  joint tenancy and tenancy in common.  The principal difference between them is the right of survivorship that attaches to joint tenancy.  On the death of a tenant in common, the deceased’s interest in the land forms part of the deceased’s estate.  When a joint tenant dies, however, […]   Read More

  • Financial Literacy 102 – A knowledge based approach to preventing financial abuse of older adults: a guide for professionals

    14 April 2011 The BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support (BC CEAS) retained the services of the CCEL to create this publication to provide professionals who work with older adults with a general overview in relation to financial abuse of older adults as well as financial literacy and financial planning for older adults.     Read More

  • Response to the BC Society Act Review Consultation

    22 March 2010 On March 22, 2010, the BCLI issued their response to the consultation for the review of the Society Act being carried out by the Ministry of Finance. The response is available in PDF format and is available below.     Read More