• Consultation Paper on Joint Tenancy

    28 June 2011  Two forms of co-ownership of land exist today:  joint tenancy and tenancy in common.  The principal difference between them is the right of survivorship that attaches to joint tenancy.  On the death of a tenant in common, the deceased’s interest in the land forms part of the deceased’s estate.  When a joint tenant dies, however, […]   Read More

  • Enhanced Law Reform Database for Researchers

    22 June 2011 The British Columbia Law Institute has updated and enhanced an extensive, online collection of provincial, national, and international law reform materials. New online software and more recent law reform materials have been added to the BCLI’s Law Reform Database. These upgrades to the Law Reform Database were made possible with the generous assistance of the Law Foundation of British Columbia.    Read More

  • BCLI Congratulates Heather Campbell

    2 June 2011 The British Columbia Law Institute would like to congratulate Heather Campbell on the successful completion of her articling term (2010-2011).  Heather affirmed her barristers and solicitors oath at a ceremony held at the BCLI offices on 11 May 2011 and has recently established her own litigation and legal research firm, Vantage Point Law. We welcome her as a practicing member of the bar of British Columbia.    Read More

  • Launch of Montreal Shelter for Victims of Elder Abuse

    27 May 2011 On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD), June 15, SAVA Centre-Ouest is officially launching a 2-year pilot project aimed at offering support, information and accompaniment to victims of elder abuse, including a shelter that offers temporary housing.  This is one of the first projects of this kind in Canada.  This project is limited by geography  and will service seniors within the CSSS Cavendish territory (including NDG, Cote St-Luc, Hampstead, Montreal West and Snowdon West).   Read More

  • BCLI to Research the Meaning of “Family Status” under the BC Human Rights Code

    20 May 2011 The British Columbia Law Institute has launched a new research initiative to study the meaning of the ground of “family status” under the BC Human Rights Code.    Read More

  • Financial Literacy 102 – A knowledge based approach to preventing financial abuse of older adults: a guide for professionals

    14 April 2011 The BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support (BC CEAS) retained the services of the CCEL to create this publication to provide professionals who work with older adults with a general overview in relation to financial abuse of older adults as well as financial literacy and financial planning for older adults.     Read More

  • BCLI Issues Strategic Plan for FY 2012-13

    22 March 2011 The British Columbia Law Institute has released its strategic plan for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. This new strategic plan builds on previous plans issued in 2009 and 2007. “Following a review over several months,” said Peter Ramsay, QC, chair of the board of directors, “I am happy to report that the board is pleased with the BCLI’s strategic direction and has approved an updated strategic plan.”   Read More

  • BCLI Asks for Public Comment on Proposed Changes to the Law of Contracts

    7 March 2011 With today’s publication of the Consultation Paper on Proposals for Unfair Contracts Relief, the British Columbia Law Institute is asking the public to comment on its proposals for reform of the law of contracts. “Contract law has traditionally developed case by case in the courts,” noted Prof. Joost Blom, Q.C., chair of the BCLI’s Unfair Contracts Relief Project Committee. “This consultation paper gives the public the opportunity to participate in policy development on some important longstanding issues in the law of contracts.”   Read More

  • Report on Section 29(2) of the Land Title Act and Notice of Unregistered Interests

    7 March 2011 BCLI has issued the first in a series of reports that will be published in connection with Phase 2 of the Real Property Reform Project.  The Report on Section 29(2) of the Land Title Act and Notice of Unregistered Interests is concerned with resolving  uncertainty resulting from conflicting lines of authority on whether registration under the Land Title Act of British Columbia will confer priority over a competing unregistered interest if the holder of the registered interest had actual notice of the unregistered interest beforehand.   Read More

  • Federal Task Force on Financial Literacy Recognizes Elder Abuse

    2 March 2011 The Task Force on Financial Literacy, appointed by the Government of Canada in June 2009, published its Final Report this morning.  Entitled, Canadians and their Money: Building a Brighter Financial Future, this report builds on consultations with over 170 organizations and over 300 submissions, and makes 30 recommendations aimed at enhancing financial literacy of Canadians.   Read More

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