• Factors Contributing to Poverty and Vulnerability among Senior Women

    3 April 2019 In December 2018 the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women began a study of challenges facing senior women, with a focus on poverty and vulnerability. The Committee invited members of the public to submit two-page written briefs identifying concerns related to transportation, access to health services and medication, the cost of […]   Read More

  • Consultation Update on CCEL’s Inclusive Investing Project

    26 February 2019 The Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL) continues its consultation interviews with key informants and stakeholders on the use of supported decision-making, in the investment context, by persons living with Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia or intellectual disabilities. Since October 2018, Project Manager and CCEL Staff Lawyer, Valerie Le Blanc, has interviewed people with lived […]   Read More

  • 2018 American Bar Association National Aging and Law Conference: A word from CCEL Staff Lawyer

    6 December 2018 On October 24–26, 2018, CCEL staff lawyer, Valerie Le Blanc, attended the American Bar Association’s annual National Aging and Law Conference in Alexandria, Virginia. The theme of this year’s conference was Advocating for Aging with Dignity, with 30 workshops on a range of topics, and four plenary sessions “focused on how to put theories into […]   Read More

  • CCEL Forms Inclusive Investing Project Advisory Committee

    16 October 2018 The 
for Elder Law (CCEL) has formed a project advisory committee to guide its research and consultation for its Inclusive Investing: Respecting the Rights of Vulnerable Investors through Supported Decision-Making project. “The project advisory committee brings together individuals with a diverse range of experience and expertise from BC and Ontario to examine how […]   Read More

  • CCEL Celebrates 15th Anniversary

    1 October 2018 This year marks the 15th anniversary of the CCEL. A lot has happened in those years. 8 Elder Law Conferences. 3 National Seniors Day events. 2 International Women’s Day gatherings, 33 projects, 2 promising practicing tools, 9 reports, 13 study papers, 10 videos, 36 educational tools, 7 project advisory committees, 53 consultation focus groups, 4475 […]   Read More

  • Australian Elder Law Review Announces Call for Submissions

    26 September 2018 The Elder Law Review, the only Australian journal focused on Elder Law, produced by Elder Law at Western Sydney University, welcomes submissions for its special issue “Relational Autonomy, Vulnerability Theory, Older Adults and the Law: Making it Real.”   This theme has been developed in connection with a workshop held at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, in […]   Read More

  • National Seniors Day Webinar with CCEL – Responding to Elder Abuse: A Legal and Ethical Overview to Enhance your Practice

    26 September 2018   Do you work with older adults? Do you develop elder abuse policy for your agency? Do you struggle with the challenge of how to respond to concerns about elder abuse in a manner that respects an older person’s rights to autonomy, privacy, respectful treatment, and safety?   In this session, Krista James, National Director of […]   Read More

  • Final Thoughts and Farewell

    30 August 2018 Today is the last day of my work term with the BCLI and the CCEL. As I wrap up my last few assignments, I take a moment to reflect on the last four months. My time at the BCLI/CCEL was a well-rounded learning experience. I engaged in varied work throughout my term. I got a […]   Read More

  • Case Comment: Ontario Human Rights Tribunal Makes Finding Re Age Discrimination in Benefits

    13 July 2018 On May 18th, 2018, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario issued an important decision in the case of Talos v. Grand Erie District School Board. The Tribunal found that terminating an employee’s health, dental and insurance benefits at age 65 is unconstitutional. This blog summarizes the case and discusses its significance. Summary of the Case […]   Read More

  • New Brunswick seeks feedback on proposals for enduring powers of attorney legislation

    28 June 2018 The Legislative Services Branch (LSB) of the Office of the Attorney General (New Brunswick) is currently working on proposals for powers of attorney legislation. The LSB released Law Reform Notes #40 in December 2017 and Law Reform Notes #41 in May 2018. Both issues of the notes discuss the LSB’s proposals for powers of attorney […]   Read More

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