• Advance Consent and Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

    12 September 2017 The Carter Decision In February 2015, the Supreme Court of Canada released a landmark decision with respect to a person’s right to medical assistance in dying (“MAiD”). Historically, it had been a crime for any person to assist another person in ending their own life. In the Carter decision, the appellants challenged the constitutionality of […]   Read More

  • Canadian Elder Law Conference November 2-3, 2017 in Vancouver

    11 September 2017 The Canadian Centre for Elder Law is thrilled to once again be hosting the Canadian Elder Law Conference in collaboration with CLE BC. We received many abstract submissions this year, allowing us to curate an agenda including some unique and interesting subjects. The Canadian Elder Law Conference is the only national conference devoted to legal […]   Read More

  • Undue Influence and Will-Making

    22 August 2017 This series examines and compares recommendations made in several BCLI reports and those made by the Law Commission of England and Wales. To read the other posts in the series click here. Undue influence can be defined as a situation where a person is pressured to perform a legal act, and where that person does not truly […]   Read More

  • Ontario Court of Justice Determines that Ontario’s Family Law Legislation Discriminates Against Dependent Adults With Disabilities Whose Parents Were Never Married

    14 July 2017 On July 7 2017, Justice Sullivan of the Ontario Court of Justice released a decision that pertains to the constitutionality of Ontario’s Family Law Act in relation to child support obligations for parents of dependent adults with disabilities. The Applicant in this matter is a Robyn Coates, mother to Joshua Coates. Joshua turned 18 in […]   Read More

  • Law Commission of Ontario Publishes Discussion Paper for their “Improving the Last Stages of Life” Project

    8 June 2017 Earlier this week, the Law Commission of Ontario (“LCO”) released a discussion paper (PDF) for their “Improving the Last Stages of Life” Project. This Project focusses on the experiences of those who are involved in the dying process, and contemplates how law impacts the rights, choices, and quality of life for people who are dying. […]   Read More

  • Protecting Older Investors: A Joint Project of FAIR Canada and the CCEL

    2 June 2017 Canada is in the midst of a huge demographic shift. By 2024, people aged 65 and over will account for 20 percent of the country’s population. This has significant policy implications, from infrastructure needs to health care and community services. People don’t often think about the investment industry as being impacted, but the reality is […]   Read More

  • New reports shed light on seniors and antipsychotic medications

    29 March 2017 In the last few months, a number of reports and news stories have highlighted older people’s use of medications, and more specifically antipsychotics. We share what we have learned and how this is relevant for the project we recently launched on health care consent and aging. In February, the Canadian Psychological Association celebrated Psychology Month […]   Read More

  • La francophonie au CCEL

    20 March 2017 Nous célébrons aujourd’hui la journée internationale de la Francophonie, mais au British Columbia Law Institute et au Centre canadien d’études sur le droit des aînés, la francophonie est une réalité quotidienne. Au sein de notre petite équipe dynamique, nous sommes quatre à parler le français couramment. Krista James, directrice du Centre canadien d’études sur le […]   Read More

  • We are not all the same: new report of the Older Women’s Dialogue Project released today

    7 March 2017   Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Be Bold for Change. CCEL’s latest report We Are Not All the Same: Key Law, Policy and Practice Strategies for Improving the Lives of Older Women in the Lower Mainland, addresses the bold question: what about the older women in communities? What wisdom can […]   Read More

  • In February: be connected, stay savvy

    21 February 2017 By Isabelle Groc, Community Engagement Coordinator 21 February 2017 – February, as the month of Family Day and Valentine’s Day, is a time of celebrating family, love and companionship. 14-year old Vancouver resident Elodie Doumenc felt sad that she could not spend time on Family Day with her grandmother, Alexandra, who lives in France, and […]   Read More

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