Ageing and Technology: CCEL teams up with AGE-WELL to focus on issues related to research and elder law


In October 2017, the Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL) was named a new AGE-WELL core facility in elder law.  Learn more about this new opportunity and upcoming 2018 events.




AGE-WELL NCE Inc. is a pan-Canadian network of industry, non-profit organizations, government, care providers, end users and academic partners working together to drive innovation and create technologies and services that benefit older adults and caregivers. 

AGE-WELL core facilities promote and trigger national and international interactions for AGE-WELL, and provide physical and/or virtual venues for researchers to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas (for more, visit AGE-WELL Core Facilities).

As a core facility, the CCEL provides the AGE-WELL network’s researchers, academic trainees and private industry partners with education and guidance on understanding and navigating the Canadian legal system.  The CCEL is also helping AGE-WELL network members working with older adults to address legal and ethical issues of critical importance such as informed consent and substitute decision-making.  

Senior Fellow, Laura Tamblyn Watts is leading CCEL’s work with AGE-WELL.  As Project Lead, she provides CCEL expertise to the AGE-WELL network, and brings legal experts on specific topics into the fold to share their knowledge.The CCEL is excited to participate in this opportunity to work with academics, students and governments across Canada on challenging issues raised by aging and technology.    

CCEL has been an active participant in the AGE-WELL network since joining as a Core Facility, participating in mentorship sessions, hosting “legal listening sessions” with network members and connecting with research groups across the country to identify legal and ethical issues raised by their work.  The desire for legal insights into the work of network members is already mounting. 

Upcoming webinars

In March 2018, CCEL will launch a 6-part webinar series, covering topics such as:

  • informed consent;
  • substitute decision-making;
  • legal issues business “start-ups” need to know;
  • commercialization and business law;
  • intellectual property; and,
  • patent issues.

The webinar series will broadcast nationally to AGE-WELL members, and in some cases, will be open to members of the public.  Materials created for the webinar will be made available to the thousands of network participants. A vibrant and wide-ranging Question and Answer session will be hosted after each webinar presentation.

Consent & Capacity Part I 
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 2:00PM ET
Speaker: Laura Tamblyn Watts, Canadian Centre for Elder Law / BC Law Institute Senior Fellow 

Consent & Capacity Part II
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 2:00PM ET
Speaker: Laura Tamblyn Watts, Canadian Centre for Elder Law / BC Law Institute Senior Fellow 

More details and registration

Upcoming events and keynote sessions

April 9-13, 2018 – Toronto Health Innovation Week
AGE-WELL and CCEL will host a session at this prestigious event, with top experts from Toronto’s Norton Rose LLP and Torys LLP, taking the stage alongside AGE-WELL network leaders to explore the legal intersections of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and aging.

June 15, 2018 – World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
CCEL and AGE-WELL will host a joint event for WEAAD. Laura Tamblyn Watts will deliver the keynote address, highlighting the many ways which technology and aging are linked with elder abuse, including challenging issues related to privacy, ownership of data, machine learning, and cyber-bullying.

October 16-19, 2018 – AGE-WELL Conference and Knowledge Exchange, Vancouver,  BC
The CCEL will be hosting a number of exciting events and sessions at the 2018 annual conference. More details coming soon.

If you are interested in the legal issues intersecting aging and technology, and might like to get involved with this exciting work, please contact Laura Tamblyn Watts at




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