Visiting Scholars

totem pole Past Distinguished Visiting Scholars to the Centre

Ms. Emma Lundgren

Andrew Simpson

Prof. Kim Dayton

Prof. Sue Field




Emma Lundgren Ms. Emma Lundgren

Emma Lundgren is both a Clinical Nurse Specialist and Head Nurse, holding sub-specialities in gerontology, psychiatrics, cardio-thoracics and internal medicine. Educated in Montreal and at Queen’s University, Kingston, Emma has a diversity of experience, from home care support for older adults to psychiatric nursing in federal prisons. While practising in China, Emma administrated the SOS International Medical Clinic in Beijing, and was responsible for coordinating the epidemiological response to SARS during that crisis. Currently residing in Saudi Arabia, she has continued her studies in elder nursing and end of life issues, teaching in the city of Jeddah.

Andrew Simpson

Andrew Simpson

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