Consultation on insurance issues for stratas reaches halfway point

31 October 2018

By Kevin Zakreski

BCLI’s three-month consultation on insurance issues for stratas has reached its halfway point.

The consultation period opened in September with the publication of the Consultation Paper on Insurance Issues for Stratas. BCLI developed this consultation paper with the assistance of an expert project committee (PDF). The consultation paper contains 10 tentative recommendations for reform of the Strata Property Act and the Strata Property Regulation.

These tentative recommendation ask the public for its views on topics such as expanding the legislative mandate on strata corporations to purchase insurance and expressly allowing a strata corporation to decide to charge back to an owner an amount paid for an insurance deductible, if the owner is responsible for the loss or damage that gave rise to the claim that resulted in payment of the deductible. The consultation paper also contains one more open-ended question for discussion, concerning whether British Columbia should adopt the standard-unit concept, which is a feature of the law in other provinces.

At the halfway point, BCLI has received 63 responses to the consultation paper.

The consultation is open until 15 December 2018. Respondents have the choice of providing their response via online survey, email, or regular mail. For more information on the consultation, visit the Strata Property Law Project—Phase Two webpage.

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