Family Caregiving – Acknowledgments

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Family Caregiving Legal Research Project Advisory Committee

The Family Caregiving Legal Research Project Advisory Committee was formed in October 2007. The Committee provided BCLI staff with ongoing guidance in relation to this project.

The members of the Committee are:

  • Joan Braun, Executive Director, BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support
  • Marjorie Brown, Partner, Victory Square Law Office
  • Sherman Chan, Director of Settlement Services, Mosiac
  • Dr. Joanie Sims Gould, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, UBC School of Social Work and Family Studies
  • Frances Kelly, Staff Lawyer, Community Legal Assistance Society, Disability Law Program
  • Prof. Freya Kodar, UVic Faculty of Law
  • Paul McLean, Partner, Harris & Co.
  • Jack Styan, Executive Director, Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network
  • Staff lawyer Krista James was the project manager.

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Law reform and legal research are collaborative activities. This study benefited from the contributions of many organizations and individuals.

Many thanks are due to the members of the Family Caregiving Legal Research Project Advisory Committee. Committee members volunteered their time over a two and half year period, attending regular meetings and providing guidance on various aspects of this project. They have been a tremendous resource to BCLI staff, and their expertise has contributed enormously to the quality of this paper.

This project was made possible by funding from the Law Foundation of British Columbia. The BCLI is grateful for the ongoing support the Law Foundation provides for its work.

As part of this study, the BCLI consulted with over 340 family caregivers. Detailed comments by caregivers on the challenges they face were invaluable in helping us to produce a comprehensive portrait of family caregiving in this province and in focussing our research efforts. We are most appreciative of the participation of caregivers in this study.

The BCLI also consulted with a number of Vancouver and lower mainland employers as part of our research. Some employers have gone beyond the minimum requirements imposed by the law and taken creative approaches to supporting caregivers. The BCLI is grateful to employers who took the time to speak with us and share their ideas.

The BCLI also thanks the firm of Harris and Co., who generously provided one of their boardrooms and conference facilities for most of our meetings.

A number of chapters benefitted from external review. Professor Kimberley Brooks, H. Heward Stikeman Chair in the Law of Taxation, McGill University Faculty of Law, conducted a review of Chapter 5. Kacey Krenn, an Associate with the firm of Harris and Co., co-presented with staff lawyer Krista James a paper on family responsibilities discrimination that built upon the research contained in Chapter 5. Jim Sayre, a lawyer with the Community and Disability Law Program at the Community Legal Assistance Society in Vancouver, reviewed Chapter 3. Each of these chapters was significantly improved by suggestions and additions from external reviewers. We are most grateful for this assistance.

Thanks to Ana Rosa Blue for translating the caregiver survey into Spanish.

Every BCLI staff member has contributed in some manner to this study paper. Executive Director Jim Emmerton and Canadian Centre for Elder Law National Director Laura Watts provided ongoing strategic guidance. Senior Staff Lawyer Greg Blue conducted a review of the draft paper. Kevin Zakreski provided guidance on the document’s organization. Staff lawyer Krista James was the project manager and principle writer. Office Manager Elizabeth Pinsent provided tremendous technical support. Finally, the following research lawyers, research assistants, university students and articled students contributed research to the project: Christopher Bettencourt, Emma Butt, Paula Burgerjon, Kristine Chew, Gillian Franklin, Zachery Froese, Brian Hoffmann, Carolyn Laws and Heather Tennenhouse.


The British Columbia Law Institute expresses its thanks to its principal funders in the past year:

  • The Law Foundation of British Columbia;
  • The Notary Foundation of British Columbia;
  • The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia;
  • Ministry of Attorney General for British Columbia;
  • Department of Justice Canada;
  • Scotiatrust;
  • BC Centre for Elder Advocacy and Support;
  • Canadian Academy for Seniors Advisors
  • Boughton Law Corporation; and
  • Lawson Lundell LLP.

The Institute also reiterates its thanks to all those individuals and organizations who have provided financial support for its present and past activities.