Krista James

National Director




Krista’s work is focused on:

  • law and policy issues linked to aging; and
  • human rights law.

She spends her time:

  • consulting with community;
  • writing legal reports; and
  • developing public legal education resources.

Krista has written on topics such as:

  • elder abuse;
  • mental capacity;
  • health care law;
  • age discrimination; and
  • caregiving policy.

Krista is interested in how gender and other aspects of identity impact aging. She encourages approaches to aging policy that recognize the citizenship rights of older people and reject systemic ageism.

Krista graduated from UBC Law School in 1997 and was called to the BC Bar in 1998. Before joining the CCEL, she practiced labour law with a focus on human rights and disability issues. Over the years Krista has worked with women’s centres and various non-profit community organizations serving low-income people in BC. She has worked as a legal advocate and a victim assistance worker.

In 2004 Krista took a break from law to study art, film and video at Emily Carr University. Krista is a crafter, gardener, yogini and mother.