Last month to respond to consultation on common property, land titles, and fundamental changes for stratas

28 January 2019

By Kevin Zakreski

BCLI’s last consultation paper for the Strata Property Law Project—Phase Two is open for public comment for one more month. Responses to the Consultation Paper on Common Property, Land Titles, and Fundamental Changes for Stratas must be received by 28 February 2019 if they are to be considered by the project committee as it prepares its final report on these topics.

The consultation paper has 25 tentative recommendations for reform, which address the following issues:

  • common property: defining common property, long-term leases of common property, and parking stalls and storage lockers;
  • land titles: emerging issues in subdivision control, depicting common property and the vertical limits of limited common property, and certificates of payment; and
  • fundamental changes: voting thresholds for amending a strata plan, amending a schedule to a strata plan, and amalgamating strata corporations.

A shorter summary consultation, containing three highlighted proposals, is available to those readers who wish to provide some input without having to tackle the full consultation paper.

Links to the consultation paper, the summary consultation, and our two online surveys are found on the Strata Property Law—Phase Two Project webpage.

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