Law Reform Needs in BC

21 October 2019

By Kathleen Cunningham

The BCLI and CCEL are asking for public and stakeholder input on current and emerging law reform needs in BC. We want to hear the public’s thoughts on why our current law is not meeting their needs or the needs of their clients or those they serve. What are the problems with legislation that, if addressed, could help ensure BC’s legal system is modern, just and effective? Who would benefit? What would change look like?

We encourage respondents to consider not only existing laws and gaps in the law, and how the law might be clarified or improved, as well as emerging issues that the law does not address today. 

Who should complete this survey? 
The survey is intended for members of the public and stakeholders including: 

  • community groups
  • advocacy organizations
  • industry organizations  
  • professional organizations
  • academics and
  • the legal profession. 

How long is the survey?   
The survey will take approximately 7-15 minutes depending on the additional comments and how many suggestions are shared.

When does the survey close?  
The survey is open until 9 am, November 12, 2019.

Why is this survey being carried out now? 
BCLI and CCEL are preparing their next strategic plan which will identify law reform priorities for the next 3-5 years.  BCLI is also one of over 50 signatories to Access to Justice BC’s (A2JBC) Triple Aim. “The Triple Aim has one goal with 3 interrelated elements: improving access to justice at the population (or sub-population) level, improving the experience of people who need access to justice; and improving costs.”  BCLI is committed to ensuring that its work addresses one or more of these elements.

What will BCLI do with the survey results? 
There are many ways to address legal needs and issues. Law reform includes amending existing laws, writing new laws, and replacing or repealing laws.  Sometimes the law does not need to change, but change to policies and practices is required, or there may be a need for better education of those who apply the law and those that rely on it.  

Survey results will be reviewed to identify legal needs and issues facing British Columbians in their daily lives and activities.  BCLI will seek to identify needs and issues of concern to different groups among the population as well as those providing services. It will also look for issues facing businesses, employers and industry.  We will review the feedback to try to understand the nature of the current and emerging legal issues identified in the feedback, trends to be aware of, how law reform might address the issues, who will benefit from changes to the law and where possible, priorities.

It will not be possible or appropriate for BCLI or CCEL to address all the issues and ideas shared in this survey. Practical considerations will guide decisions on where BCLI and CCEL can make the best contribution, whether by leading a project or collaborating with others.  We will share suggestions and ideas with our funders and others who may be interested in the issues.


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