Notice of Certification of Completion

Form 2

Builders Lien Act

(Section 7 (4))

Notice of certification of completion

NOTICE: Re ______________________________________________________

[Name or popular description of project]
Take notice that on _______________ [date] a certificate of completion, or court order to that effect, was issued with respect to a contract (or subcontract) between

___________________ [owner, contractor or subcontractor]
___________________ [contractor or subcontractor]

in connection with an improvement on land described as follows:

for the provision of [brief, general description of work done under contract or subcontract]:

All persons entitled to claim a lien under the Builders Lien Act and who performed work or supplied material in connection with or under the contract are warned that the time to file a claim of lien may be abridged and section 20 of the Act should be consulted.

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