Notice of Garnishor

Form 4


Builders Lien Act

(Section 13 (2))

Notice to Garnishor


(Plaintiff or intended plaintiff)


(defendant or intended defendant)



To the garnishor:

Take notice that the garnishee under a garnishing order issued by the court
on _______________ [month, day, year] has on _______________ [month, day, year]
paid the following amount into court under the garnishing order: $ ____.___.

And take notice that the garnishee alleges that the money paid into court
or part of it is in fact money owing to a contractor or subcontractor that would, if
paid to the contractor or subcontractor, be subject to a trust under section 10 of
the Builders Lien Act, and that under section 13(1) of that Act the money
is subject to a trust and the interest of the garnishor is subject to the trust.

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