Update on public consultation on strata governance

1 May 2018

By Kevin Zakreski

Today marks the halfway point in BCLI’s public consultation on strata governance. You have until 15 June 2018 to get responses in for the Strata Property Law (Phase Two) Project Committee to consider in making its final recommendations.

BCLI and the committee thank those who have responded to the public consultation. This consultation has already attracted one of the highest levels of response to a BCLI law-reform consultation. As of 1 May 2018:

  • the committee has received 101 responses to the full consultation;
  • the committee has received 132 responses to the summary consultation;
  • taken together, this means that a total of 233 responses have been received.

In view of this high level of response, the committee has scheduled an additional meeting in May, to consider the responses received to date.

BCLI and the committee are grateful to all those individuals and organizations who have publicized the consultation. Special thanks go to the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association, the Condominium Home Owners Association, and AM 1320.

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