Workshop – Human Resources for Knowledge Mobilization

11 February 2009

By Alison Taylor

Workshop – Human Resources for Knowledge Mobilization
Friday, February 20, 2009 8:00 am – 4:00 pm (Eastern Time)

Hilton Toronto Airport
5875 Airport Road
Mississauga, ON L4V 1N1

Human Resources
for Knowledge Mobilization

Intensive Workshop – Boot Camp Style

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coffee/tea, lunch, and materials)

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This workshop is sponsored
by York University and Research Impact

Making what we know ready for service and action is a complex process. We have an overwhelming quantity of data and information with little meaning. Creating coherence and understanding is crucial.

It is one of the most important skills we need in our knowledge-based society.

This complexity requires strong and productive relationships to share ideas, goals, resources, and rewards – no single person, organization, or sector can do this alone.

This is an invitation to participate, as a pioneer in Knowledge Mobilization practice, in the second of a series of ten workshops called “Knowledge Mobilization Boot Camps” across Canada for 2009.

(More information on the series available from the Knowledge Mobilization Works website)

Boot Camp #2 focuses on a crucial problem : 


Who does the work for
knowledge mobilization?

We will explore three topics:

  • Characteristics of effective knowledge brokers/mobilizers?
  • How to manage people who are involved in knowledge mobilization?
  • What is needed for knowledge mobilization professional development?

We will produce three items:

  • A synthesis of experience from participants.
  • A set of recommendations to the Federal Granting Agencies and key Federal and Provincial Government Departments.
  • An agenda of further work to share with the KMb community.

What will you get?

1) Access to ideas and methods to think and work more effectivelywith your knowledge.
2) Connections to people, projects, and opportunities.
3) An intensive learning environment that is supported by first-class facilitators,
4) Direct contact with decision-makers, managers, and thinkers in knowledge mobilization.
5) An opportunity to influence policies on effective use and access to knowledge.
6) Great conversation and an opportunity to test skills with colleagues and potential partners.

Who should attend?

Participants will be practitioners, academics and graduate researchers, policymakers from health, education, business, and affiliated sectors and agencies interested in improving the uptake and use of knowledge in their professional environments. They will have some experience with knowledge mobilization (management, transfer, exchange, dissemination, diffusion) and are interested in focused, intensive activity that builds a community of practice as well as moves an agenda forward that builds value from effective and efficient knowledge mobilization strategies.

What is a Boot Camp Workshop?

A “boot camp” is an intensive, interactive workshop where the knowledge, skills, experience, and intelligence of every participant are drawn together to produce a collective understanding.

Studies have shown that passive events where individuals just “consume” more data and information do not lead to the types of attitudes, norms, and behaviors necessary to support action from learning events. 

We want to help people get “whipped into shape” and be able to return to their workplaces, ready to run, surrounded by an international community of people who have shared in this intensive learning?

About the Boot Camp Series:

We have three goals:

  • Bring people together that have an interest in knowledge mobilization to build relationships and shared commitment.
  • Engage in purposeful activities that are grounded in the contexts and capacities of work, community, and productive social interaction.
  • Develop recommendations and an emergent agenda for building the supports, institutional adaptations, and cultural changes needed to move from what we know to what we do.

During each “Boot Camp”, up to 50 participants will engage around a theme – such as leadership, human resources, education, health, governance, security – and work at imagining the elements of systems that will enable the creation of the greatest value from the use of what we collectively know.

The Facilitator:

The facilitator for the series is Peter Levesque, PhD (c), Principal Director of Knowledge Mobilization Works. He will be joined by leaders in knowledge mobilization from across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Peter is a social entrepreneur focused on building the capacity of businesses, governments, associations, educational institutions, health centres, and civil society organizations to access, implement, utilize, and evaluate the best knowledge and practice available – to improve the quality of life of all populations, especially our most vulnerable.


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