Who We Are

The BCLI is a charitable not-for-profit law reform agency in British Columbia. We bring together academic, expert, and community collaborators to clarify and improve the law, develop innovative, inclusive solutions, and increase access to justice.

Our Values


We engage with lawyers, experts, and communities throughout BC.  


We develop new ways to approach legal issues in BC.


We undertake research to catalyze systemic change.

Our People

Our team consists of lawyers and legal professionals with a commitment to excellence in research and innovation. We are governed by a 16-member board that includes appointees from the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Law Society of BC, the Canadian Bar Association BC, the Society of Notaries Public and BC’s three law schools.

What We Do

We undertake independent scholarly research, analysis, and make comprehensive recommendations on law reform in BC. The BCLI has deep relationships in the legal profession, and a reputation with government ministries and policy experts for rigorous and credible research.

Our approach entails:

Issue identification


 Legal Research and Analysis

Releasing Publications and Resources

 Community Engagement