Elder Abuse Resources

A Practical Guide to Elder Abuse and Neglect Law in Canada

The Practical Guide to Elder Abuse and Neglect Law in Canada provides an overview of elder abuse and neglect law and identifies some best practices in elder abuse response. The guide includes a summary of relevant provincial, territorial, and federal legislation.

The guide includes:

  • Modules on relevant aspects of the law in each province and territory
  • A summary of key federal legislation, including the criminal law
  • 5 lenses for inclusive practice
  • 12 guiding principles for best practice
  • A section on laws that apply to Indigenous people living on reserves
  • A glossary of terms
  • Links to other CCEL elder abuse resources
  • Links to legislation on CanLII

A Practical Guide to Elder Abuse and Neglect Law in Canada

Guide pratique du droit relatif à la maltraitance et à la négligence des personnes âgées

Elder Abuse and Neglect: What Volunteers Need to Know

What Volunteers Need to Know is an introductory elder abuse workshop. This workshop has been created for volunteers who work with older people and Boards of Directors of organizations that serve aging clients.

Resources Handout

Elder Abuse and Neglect: What Volunteers Need to Know

Document Resources

Les mauvais traitements envers les aînés : Ce que tout bénévole doit savoir

Be a Savvy Senior

Be a Savvy Senior is a series of educational tools to help seniors protect themselves against fraud. The tools identify some of the most common scams con artists use these days to target seniors. The focus of the tools is to empower seniors to help protect themselves by identifying basic strategies people can use to respond to suspected fraud. The tools include:

  1. A bilingual fraud prevention calendar for the year 2014—available at select seniors centres across Canada;
  2. A series of fact sheets (English and French versions); and
  3. English and French languages videos.

Be A Savvy Senior: Fraud Protection Strategies for Seniors

LSoyez un aîné avisé : Stratégies de protection contre la fraude pour les aînés

Financial Literacy 102 – A knowledge based approach to preventing financial abuse of older adults: a guide for professionals

BC CEAS retained the services of the CCEL to create this publication to provide professionals who work with older adults with a general overview in relation to financial abuse of older adults as well as financial literacy and financial planning for older adults.  This publication is also intended to serve as a tool for in-house teaching of staff and volunteers.

The Counterpoint Project: Elder Abuse Resources for Health Care and Social Service Workers

The purpose of the Counterpoint Project is to help health care and social service providers negotiate the various legal and ethical challenges in elder abuse prevention and response.  The resources produced as part of the Counterpoint Project include a plain language discussion paper, guidelines for a continuum of health care providers, print tools and videos.

A Practical Guide to Elder Abuse and Neglect Law in Canada

This Guide contains an overview of elder abuse and neglect law in Canada. Each province and territory has a unique set of laws that apply to elder abuse and this tool summarizes those laws, identifies obligations to respond to abuse, neglect and risk and provides other information for organizations who work with older adults on a firsthand basis.

Undue Influence: Recommended Practices for Wills Practitioners

This project provides a set of recommended practices for will drafters to follow to ensure that the wills they prepare represent the genuine independent wishes of their clients and are insulated against challenge on the basis of undue influence.