BCLI Publishes Study Paper on Family Status Discrimination

Vancouver, 20 September 2012 —The British Columbia Law Institute has published a study paper on discrimination based on the ground of “family status” under the BC Human Rights Code.

BC’s human rights law lists a number of protected grounds, including race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation and age.  Family status is one of the most recently added protected grounds.  

CCEL to Conduct Public Consultations with Older Women

Vancouver, 31 August 2012 —The Canadian Centre for Elder Law has launched a new research initiative to study the pressing legal and social policy issues impacting older women.

This project will be the first BC community-engaged legal research project focused on older women. The project aims to identify and raise awareness about the legal and policy issues that most impact older women, and to encourage professionals who develop law and policy, and the elder law community in general, to consider and address these issues.

A Seniors’ Advocate for BC

The BC Ministry of Health recently published a Discussion Paper on a Seniors’ Advocate for BC (click here to download), inviting comment from individuals, families and service providers alike on a number of questions with respect to the mandate, role and functions that the Seniors’ Advocate might play.  The Ministry also held a series of public consultations throughout the province in May and June this year as a means of seeking input into the creation of this new