BCLI opens public consultation on complex stratas

1 September 2016

By Kevin Zakreski

With the publication today of its Consultation Paper on Complex Stratas, the British Columbia Law Institute’s Strata Property Law Project Committee is asking the public for its views on proposed reforms to the Strata Property Act and the Strata Property Regulation concerning sections, types, and phases.

“Sections and types allow a strata corporation to manage cost sharing between groups of owners, while phases permit the development of a strata property in segments over an extended time,” explained committee chair Patrick Williams. “These tools are important for creating and sustaining sophisticated, architecturally varied, or mixed-use stratas. With this consultation, the public has the first chance in a generation to consider and comment on a comprehensive list of needed reforms to sections, types, and phases.”

The consultation paper has 68 tentative recommendations for reform, including:

  • 29 tentative recommendations on sections, which propose clarifying the procedures for creating and cancelling sections, spelling out section powers and duties, and strengthening section governance, budgets, and finances;
  • 14 tentative recommendations on types, which propose clarifying the procedures for creating and cancelling types and fine-tuning the operation of types; and
  • 25 tentative recommendations on phases, which propose enhancing the oversight of the phasing process, simplifying governance in a phased strata corporation, and providing additional protections for the financial interests of owners in a phased strata property.

The full consultation paper, a summary consultation, a response booklet, a backgrounder, and a link to our survey are all available on our website. The consultation is open until 15 January 2017.

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