BCLI Proposes Reforms to Encourage Settlements

26 March 2013

By Alison Taylor

26 Mar 2013—In its just-published Consultation Paper on Contribution after Settlement under the Negligence Act, the British Columbia Law Institute is examining how application of some of the general principles stated in the Negligence Act can hinder settlement agreements in multiparty litigation.

“The way the act is being applied,” explained BCLI chair Tino Di Bella, “is making it harder than it needs to be to settle complex litigation. This saddles litigants with unnecessary expenses and uncertainties and costs the general public by using up scarce and valuable court time. We believe that legislation can make the law clearer, encourage settlement agreements, and make sure that all the parties are treated fairly.”

The BCLI’s proposals are open for public comment until 30 September 2013. Copies of the consultation paper and a backgrounder summarizing its contents can both be freely downloaded from the Contribution after Settlement under the Negligence Act project page.

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