British Columbia Law Institute joins over 51 partners in Access to Justice BC’s Triple Aim 

12 June 2019

By Kathleen Cunningham

On behalf of the staff and board at the BCLI, I am proud to announce that BCLI joins with 51 justice organizations today to sign the Access to Justice Triple Aim, committing to a common goal to improve access to justice in BC and to action to pursue that goal.
The Access to Justice Triple Aim is inspired by the health sector where the idea has been successfully used to promote innovation. Applied to BC’s justice system, Access to Justice Triple Aim has one goal with three interrelated elements: improving access to justice at the population (or sub-population) level; improving the experience of people who need access to justice; and improving costs, which includes reducing costs in other sectors because of the benefits of improved access to justice.
“The BC Law Institute and its division, the Canadian Centre for Elder Law, look forward to incorporating the Triple Aim into their law reform activities, which seek to identify and make recommendations to improve British Columbia’s laws for the benefit of all British Columbians,” said Thomas L. Spraggs, Chair of the Board. “It is a natural fit with our organization’s purposes, which are to promote both the clarification and simplification of the law and its adaptation to modern social needs, the improvement of the administration of justice and respect for the rule of law”.

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