Child Protection Project Committee considers disclosure under the Child, Family and Community Service Act

3 December 2019

By Kevin Zakreski

BCLI’s Child Protection Project Committee continued its review of the Child, Family and Community Service Act at its November 2019 committee meeting, moving on to a new topic. At this meeting the committee considered whether to add new disclosure requirements to the act.

The committee discussed two issues in the meeting. The first concerned cases in which a director is applying to extend a supervision order or a temporary custody order. The committee considered whether the legislation should provide that a director must disclose the reasons for applying for an extension to the court and the parents.

The second issue concerned potential amendments to section 64 of the act, a provision that deals with disclosure to parties in a child-protection proceeding.

The goal of the committee’s review is formulating tentative recommendations for law reform, which will be published in a consultation paper later in the project’s life cycle. The consultation paper will allow the public to comment on the committee’s proposals to modernize the Child, Family, and Community Service Act.

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