Financing Litigation Legal Research Project – 2017 Update

24 April 2017

By Valerie Le Blanc

A great deal has happened with the BCLI’s Financing Litigation Legal Research Project since the last update in February 2016.  A series of consultation sessions were held with experts to gather information, feedback and advice on the BCLI’s proposed topics of discussion.  One-on-one interviews were also conducted with individuals who shared their knowledge and experiences on how people pay for litigation in the province.  These sessions and interviews concluded in the Spring of 2016, at which point the BCLI began its draft of the Study Paper.

The Consultation Process

Starting in early 2016, and over the course of six months, the BCLI held a total of five consultation sessions and two one-on-one interviews.  The purpose of the sessions and interviews was to gather input on the needs of lawyers, clients, and the legal system, and how individuals pay to access legal services.

Participants offered feedback on the BCLI’s proposed topics of discussion for the Study Paper, and shared their knowledge on the list of financing options being studied. They also provided initial thoughts about the direction of the project. The group shared their law-reform expertise and gave advice on managing the scope of the project and the methods by which the discussion topics may be explored.  Consultation participants also discussed private-practice and pro-bono services, alternative dispute resolution, law-society policies, and public-interest and advocacy services.

The BCLI would like to extend its thanks to all consultation participants and interviewees for their counsel, support and hard work on behalf of the project.  A complete list of consultation participants and interviewees will be provided in the published Study Paper.

The Study Paper

As the consultation and interview sessions drew to a close, the BCLI began to develop its draft Study Paper.  Preparation of the draft included further review of the feedback and information gathered throughout the consultation process, as well as conducting additional research on recent developments in each of the financing areas.  In April 2017, a completed draft of the Study Paper was delivered to a small review group.

A look ahead

It is expected that review of the draft Study Paper will be completed in May.  A final draft of the Study Paper will then be presented to the BCLI Board of Directors for approval in June.  It is expected that the Study Paper will be published later this year.

Stay tuned for more project updates!


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