Better Laws,
Plain and Simple.

The BCLI undertakes law reform projects in the public interest. We bring together academic, expert, and community collaborators to clarify and improve the law, develop innovative, inclusive solutions, and increase access to justice.

The CCEL is a division of the BCLI that publishes reports and public legal educational resources on legal and policy issues related to aging.

How We Work

Through rigorous research in collaboration with experts, academics, and community volunteers, the BCLI undertakes research and develops recommendations to modernize BC laws. We identify solutions that propel our laws toward a more just society.

Our History

The BC Law Institute has been undertaking independent law reform projects in BC since 1997. We continue the work of the B.C. Law Reform Commission which existed from 1969-1997. During its time, the Law Reform Commission released more than 140 reports, making recommendations on a range of legal issues. Our work continues and builds on the tradition of excellence, independence, and innovation.