August 1, 1998

A Report on Year One (1997-98 Annual Report)

January 1, 1999

Recognition of Spousal and Family Status

The Attorney General asked the British Columbia Law Institute to review the statute law of British Columbia and make recommendations for legislative changes necessary to provide legal recognition to the variety of family relationships in the province, and to address the rights and obligations that should attach to those relationships. Read more…

April 4, 1998

Proposals for a Contract Law Reform Act

The general law of contracts is almost entirely a creation of the courts. Legislative intervention has been rare. Statutes in British Columbia contain six instances of intervention in relation to the general law of contract. Five of these consist of particular sections of the Law and Equity Act and the Read more…

February 2, 1998

Gender-Free Legal Writing: Managing the Personal Pronouns

The vast majority of laws apply to persons of all kinds, and most words used to designate a person who has a particular legal status are not concerned with the characteristics of sex or artificiality. Where a statement of any complexity is made about a person, the maker of the Read more…

January 1, 1997

The Need for Uniform Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Rules in Domestic Property Proceedings

When a family property dispute ends up before the court, the division of property can be an expensive and time-consuming process. The difficulties associated with a trial create hardships for all parties involved, whether directly or indirectly. These difficulties are compounded when issues of jurisdiction and choice of law arise Read more…