February 8, 2001

A Report on Year Four (2000-01 Annual Report)

August 5, 2001

Total Return Investing by Trustees

A trust is a relationship in which a designated trustee holds title to assets for the benefit of a designated person called the beneficiary. A trust is typically established when an owner of property (called the settlor) transfers the property to a trustee on terms describing how the trustee is Read more…

March 5, 2001

Questions and Answers About Pension Division

For the most up-to-date information on this subject, check out the 4th Edition of this report published in March 2017.  In 1995 British Columbia enacted the Family Relations Act, which provides for the assistance of plans in dividing pensions between spouses on marriage breakdown. In March 1996 a first edition Read more…

January 5, 2001

Civil Remedies for Sexual Assault

This project addresses the way in which civil damages are assessed and awarded to the victims of sexual assault.  Civil actions for damages, broadly speaking, comprise lawsuits commenced by plaintiffs against defendants for alleged wrongful conduct.  Sexual assault can be defined as the intentional application of force that violates a Read more…