February 8, 2004

A Report on Year Seven (2003-04 Annual Report)

November 6, 2004

Spoliation of Evidence

Spoliation in a legal context refers to the destruction, mutilation, alteration, or concealment of evidence. In British Columbia, those who suffer due to spoliation may be entitled to one or more of a variety of remedies. This project sheds some light on the existing sanctions for spoliation of evidence in Read more…

October 6, 2004

A Modern Trustee Act for British Columbia

A trust is a relationship that is established when an owner of property called the settlor makes a disposition of property to a trustee. The designated trustee holds title to the assets for the benefit of a designated person or persons called the beneficiaries on terms describing how the trustee Read more…

October 5, 2004

Financial Arrangements Between Older Adults and Family Members: Loans and Guarantees

The project explored financial arrangements within families whereby the assets of older adults are used for the benefit of younger family members. These benefits most often take the form of loans or guarantees, and reflect the sincere desire of older adults to help their family members. They may, however, have Read more…

July 5, 2004

Personal Liability of Society Directors and Officers

This project studied the sources of legal liability of directors and officers of not-for-profit societies and considers proposals for reform of the law. Keywords: societies, volunteers, associations, charity, tort, directors’ duties, liability, business & non-profits