February 8, 2006

A Report on Year Nine: 2005-2006 Annual Report

October 1, 2006

A Comparative Analysis of Adult Guardianship Laws in BC, New Zealand and Ontario

An adult guardian is somebody who is appointed to make decisions for an adult who is not capable of doing so. Individuals might need an adult guardian if they suffer from conditions such as a mental illness or handicap, a degenerative disease, or a head injury. This appointed individual is Read more…

June 1, 2006

Wills, Estates and Succession: A Modern Legal Framework

The law surrounding the passage of property on death by means of a will or intestate inheritance is known as the law of succession. Nearly everyone comes into contact with succession law at some point because of the death of a relative or spouse. Despite this, succession is one of Read more…

May 1, 2006

Pension Division on Marriage Breakdown: A Ten Year Review of Part 6 of the Family Relations Act

For the most up-to-date information on this subject, check out the 4th Edition of this report published in March 2017. 

Viatical Settlements

A viatical settlement is a transaction where a terminally ill individual who owns a life insurance policy sells it to a third party. The third party agrees to pay the insured individual an amount that is less than the value of the insurance policy, and to pay the premiums of Read more…