Health Care Decision-Making: Legal Rights of People Living with Dementia


People living with dementia often find that their decision-making rights are not respected. Some people assume that if you have dementia you cannot understand information or make choices. This exclusion happens within health care institutions and also in the larger community.

On this page you will find a set of resources on the decision-making rights of people living with dementia: three short animated videos, and a booklet. The booklet is available in English, French, Traditional Chinese and Punjabi.

We developed these resources in collaboration with the Alzheimer Society of BC.

Thanks to the support of our funders: the Notary Foundation of BC, the Law Foundation of BC, and the Vancouver Foundation.

These resources cover the law in BC. In other parts of Canada the law may be slightly different.

We look forward to a future time in BC when we can share the booklets with you in person.





Who Makes Your Health Care Decisions?


Getting Support with Health Care Decisions

Protecting Your Decision-Making Rights


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