Be a Savvy Senior: Fraud Protection Strategies for Seniors


Project Overview

Be a Savvy Senior is a series of educational tools to help seniors protect themselves against fraud. The tools identify some of the most common scams con artists use these days to target seniors. The focus of the tools is to empower seniors to help protect themselves by identifying basic strategies people can use to respond to suspected fraud. The tools include:

  1. A bilingual fraud prevention calendar for the year 2014—available at select seniors centres across Canada;
  2. A series of fact sheets (English and French versions); and
  3. English and French languages videos.

Check out the 2014 calendar—all the content is still accurate!

CCEL Fraud Calendar 2013



Download the Fraud Protection fact sheets

Be a Savvy Senior (English fact sheets)

  1. On the Phone
  2. In the Home
  3. In the Community
  4. On the Internet
  5. Identity Theft

Soyez un aîné avisé (fiches francaises)

  1. Au téléphone
  2. A la maison
  3. Dans la communauté
  4. Sur internet
  5. Vol d’identité

Be savvy about fraud. Spot it. Stop it.

Government of Canada

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