Extra-Judicial Use of Sworn Statements (1976)

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Keywords: sworn; statement; evidence; witness; affidavit; formality; statutory declaration; verification; oath; swear; commissioner; notary; perjury; affirmation; declaration; criminal; liability; corroboration

A sworn statement is an affidavit, affirmation, statutory declaration, solemn declaration, or other such document requiring compliance with certain formalities as a means of attesting to the truth of the document’s contents. This project surveys the statutes of British Columbia (as of the mid 1970s) and lists and classifies the statutory requirements to provide a sworn statement in an out-of-court transaction. The project also considers reforms to streamline the process of providing information in these situations.

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27. Report on Extra-Judicial Use of Sworn Statements

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Report on Extra-¬źJudicial Use of Sworn Statements

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