Inclusive Investing: Respecting the Rights of Vulnerable Investors through Supported Decision Making


Over the years, the CCEL has led a number of projects on mental capacity, decision-making rights, and related barriers to access to justice faced by people living with dementia and other disabilities. The Inclusive Investing Project was developed to explore capacity and supported decision-making in the investment context. The project examines how adults living with disabilities can use supported decision-making to participate meaningfully in investment decision-making. One of the key research question it considers is: How can Canadian investment advisors, adults with cognitive and decision-making challenges, and supporters incorporate supported decision making into the investment decision-making process while guarding against undue influence and financial abuse?

The project considers law and practice in BC and Ontario.

Project Materials

The project resulted in a study paper and a suite of resources. The resources include:

  • a presentation for investment advisors,
  • a practice checklist for investment advisors,
  • a presentation for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities,
  • a booklet for people living with dementia, and
  • a booklet for people who support others with decision-making.

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