Limitations: General (1974)

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Limitation periods require potential plaintiffs to commence lawsuits within specified times in order to preserve their rights against potential defendants. Their purpose is to ensure that lawsuits are brought within a reasonable time, so people are not subject to the threat of being sued over a particular matter for an indefinite period. At the time this report was written, the Statute of Limitations in force in British Columbia was essentially a copy of its predecessor English legislation and had fallen out of touch with contemporary legal, social, and economic realities. This project examines ways to modernize and simplify limitations law.

Keywords: limitation; action; time; postponement; suspension; charge;
adverse possession; prescription; acknowledgment; laches; extinguishment;
extension; contract; debt; limitation period; judgment; confirmation; land;
property; trustee; charge; real; mortgage; personal; disability; mental;
incapacity; fraud; mistake; pleading; part payment; conflict of laws

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15. Report on Limitations – Part II General

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Report on Limitations

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