The Making and Revocation of Wills (1981)

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This project examines the formalities imposed by statute onthe making of wills and other estate-planning instruments. Familiar examples ofsuch formalities include signing and witnessing requirements. The projectcanvasses the effect of these statutory formalities on various issues,including the capacity of minors, soldiers' and mariners' wills, theinternational form of will, the effect of improperly executed wills, thecapacity of witness, and the designation of beneficiaries under various plans.

Keywords: revocation; will; testator; formality; execution; witness; estate;beneficiary; minor; capacity; military; holograph; conflict; registration;probate; informal; validity; mariner; succession; marriage; oral;privilege; signature; burden of proof; competency; gift; insurance;movable; immovable; renvoi; conflict of laws; alteration; designation;RRSP; pension

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52. Report on the Making and Revocation of Wills

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The Making and Revocation of Wills

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