Power of Attorney Elder Abuse Awareness Project

The Canadian Centre for Elder Law worked in partnership with Volunteer Richmond Information Services to develop a package of educational tools to help prevent abuse and misuse of powers of attorney in Chinese communities in Richmond, BC.

Misuse of powers of attorney is one of the most commonly reported forms of abuse of older people, and occurs in many different ethno-cultural communities. This pilot project was focused on developing tools that are tailored to the needs of Chinese communities. The tools were developed under the guidance of a community-based advisory committee, and include content that relates to the experience of Chinese seniors. The draft tools were focus-tested with Chinese seniors as part of the project.

The rationale for this project is that most attorneys appointed under a power of attorney are lay people without specialized training on powers of attorney—often family members. Power of attorney laws are complex and confusing, and much misuse of powers of attorney is caused by a lack of information. These print resource on powers of attorney are intended to provide basic information to a) seniors about their rights, and b) attorneys about their responsibilities to their elders.

Power of Attorney—Use and Abuse: A guide for seniors and their attorneys

This Project was funded by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Government of Canada

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