Work in Progress

Reconciling Crown Legal Frameworks

In 2022, the BCLI has established the Reconciling Crown Legal Frameworks Program to support the alignment of BC’s Crown legal framework with Indigenous laws. In November 2019, the BC government passed the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act (Declaration Act), a globally significant legislative development that aims to create a path forward that respects the human rights of Indigenous peoples.

Implementation of the Declaration Act presents new legal issues and research opportunities. Innovative law reform and education will be required to enable the Crown legal system to align with and accommodate Indigenous legal frameworks. The BCLI will explore and design approaches to support Declaration Act implementation, building on our deep understanding of Crown law and comparative legal frameworks. Our emphasis will be to develop ways that the Crown legal system needs to adjust to align with and implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, while also ensuring that this work supports reconciliation and access to justice for Indigenous peoples in BC.

We welcome hearing from you about this program and this work. We encourage you to get in touch with Karen Campbell at [email protected].
The RCLF Program is intended to recommend structural law reform activities. Its primary outputs will be research reports, study papers, and briefs on Declaration Act implementation. All of our materials will be available on the BCLI website. We will also share our learnings through continuing legal education activities, public legal education, and connections with Indigenous peoples and Indigenous organizations

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Below you will find additional, relevant and specific documentation, backgrounders, research, resources, media releases and summaries that have been, or will be incorporated into our final publications and study papers.

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