Strata Property Law – Phase One


Strata properties form a dynamic part of the real-estate sector in British Columbia. Not surprisingly, the law governing strata properties has been in a constant state of evolution, as it tries to keep pace with developments in this area. In addition to an almost continual stream of discrete amendments to the legislation, new versions of the act have appeared at frequency of about every 15 to 25 years. In this project, the British Columbia Law Institute identified broad, long-range legal and policy issues that should be considered in creating the next generation of strata-property legislation for British Columbia. The project aimed, through research and consultation with experts in the field, to identify a range of issues for further study in a project phase-two law-reform project. Work on the phase-two project has since begun.

Project Funders

This project is generously supported by the Notary Foundation of British Columbia.

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Below you will find additional, relevant and specific documentation, backgrounders, research, resources, media releases and summaries that have been, or will be incorporated into our final publications and study papers.

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