Strata Property Law – Phase Two


Phase Two of the Strata Property Law Project builds on the results of Phase One’s consultation and research by examining the options for reform in selected areas of strata-property law. These areas are: (1) fundamental changes to a strata—with a priority focus on cancellation of a strata plan and dissolution of a strata corporation; (2) complex stratas; (3) leasehold stratas; (4) common property; (5) governance; (6) insurance; and (7) land-title issues. The goal of the project is to make recommendations for reform, illustrated by draft legislation, to help in the development of the next generation of strata-property law in British Columbia.


The Strata Property Law Project Committee has issued a consultation paper asking the public for its views on proposals to reform how the Strata Property Act governs the legal issues relating to common property, land titles and fundamental changes. The consultation period is now closed.

Project Funders

The Strata Property Law—Phase Two Project has been made possible by project funding from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia, the Notary Foundation of British Columbia, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for British Columbia, Strata Property Agents of British Columbia, the Real Estate Council of British Columbia, the Real Estate Institute of British Columbia, the Association of British Columbia Land Surveyors, the Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association, and the Condominium Home Owners Association.

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